Tree Stump Removal Waxahachie, TX

Tree stump removal is provided by Waxahachie Tree Service in Waxahachie, TX for those that are dealing with unsightly and potentially dangerous stumps. To provide a timely and thorough stump grinding service in Waxahachie, TX, local assessment and labor are needed.
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Why Grinding Your Tree Stump Is A Good Idea

Tree stumps can be an eyesore for any property. They tend to take up a substantial amount of space depending on the yard and are often noticeable. In addition to the unwanted appearance of a tree stump, there are other reasons that grinding makes sense.

Tree stumps can be hazardous. Not only can people trip over them, but they can mangle lawn equipment. Lawn mowers in particular have been known to malfunction because of uncleared tree stumps. If a tree stump is close to the road, there is also an increased potential for car accidents.

Insect infestations can also occur when tree stumps are left on a property. Just because the remaining trunk and branches of a tree are no longer there, does not mean the tree is dead. The roots of any tree sprout from underneath the soil and can still grow regardless if the tree is only a stump. A broken tree can attract ants and other vermin if left unattended.

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Tree Stump Removal

Stump grinding is not necessarily the same as stump removal Waxahachie. While both services can clear a property so that new growth can take place, they differ in one critical way. Stump removal actually removes the entire roots of the tree. This means the process may take longer to complete, but the entire tree is no longer remaining in or on the property. Stump removal is a thorough process because it has to be. The root of a tree can grow four to ten times the size of the actual tree.

Replanting can be easily achieved when a stump is fully removed from the property. There are no health hazards from tree stump removal and the elimination is total. Because tree removal requires a heavy use of force, the necessary machinery is high powered. Stump grinding removes the stump, but not the roots. This is usually a quicker and more cost-efficient way of getting rid of the tree stump, but the tree roots are still left in the property. Stump grinding allows for the roots to decay over time while staying underground.

The Stump Grinding Process

Every tree stump is different. While two stumps may be equal in size, the type of tree also matters when assessing stump grinding services. The first step to a proper tree grinding service begins with a professional assessment. Once this step is completed, a property owner can know the full extent of the stump’s tree roots.  Stump grinders can grind 16 inches below the ground for ample soil. This is done so that there is plenty of quality soil depth available to grow grass. Depending on what the customer wants, a shallower option may be possible as well. Shallower options are particularly beneficial for tree stumps that are found in the woods.

After assessment, a tree technician will then use the proper tree grinder to start the process. Stump grinders are powerful tools that are usually equipped with a cutter wheel and fixed carbide teeth. Hydraulic cylinders are used to push the cutter through the tree stump so it can be successfully raised and lowered. Depending on the stump, grinding usually takes anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours. Technicians will handle all aspects of the grinding.

Tree Stump Removal Company Waxahachie, TX

Tree stump removal should be handled by a professional. Trying to remove tree stumps without experience or training can be extremely dangerous. There are many facets that go into a proper removal and without proper knowledge of tree stumps, property and the right equipment, removing a tree stump can be difficult at best. For more information or an assessment of your tree stump, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Waxahachie Tree Service provides care and quality to every property.

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